“A 19 Tile tells the story of a traveler who always wanted to have a space where you could get other travelers.

There were over three hundred weeks of my life on the road, for more than fifty countries, collecting inspiration, learn to feel at home, even outside.

I crossed five continents to reach this space, where my experience converge. After, the cultural and artistic context of Caldas da Rainha, with ceramic gave it even more sense.

Within 19 Tile tells the story of a trip without script. It started out as mine. Now is yours.

Pedro Felner”


7 ceramists, 7 Bedrooms, 7 Travels

Ceramic is also a magical journey unscripted, provided that the clay starts to be molded, until the moment that reveals the surprise of colors of glaze. Our space was imagined and created with the same inspiration and expectation.

Therefore, the tradition of ceramic art from Caldas da Rainha, where lays the 19 Tile, it became the motto of this boutique house.

We invite 7 caldenses ceramists to decorate our rooms. Each conveys an emotion itself, a unique artistic imprint. Each tells a story, a trip without script, revealed in intimate detail and deployed in the experiences of those who arrive here.

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telephone: +351 910 435 284

Email: info@19tile.pt